Rebuild America for American workers.

Our broken tax code encourages the import of foreign-made goods while penalizing products made in and exported from America.

Tell Congress you support tax reform

The “Made in America” tax means foreign-made imports are treated better than American-made exports 



Tell Congress to end the "Made in America tax." It's time to level the playing field for American Made Garage Door Springs products.  

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Our Letter to Congress

Sixteen CEOs from some of America's largest companies sent a letter to Congressional leadership in support of comprehensive tax reform that would end the ‘Made in America’ tax on domestic production and make the U.S. tax code competitive in the global economy.

Informational Packet

The American Made Coalition believes that 2017 presents the best opportunity to transform our outdated tax system to one with competitive tax rates for small and large business, a modern territorial system, and the border adjustment of business taxes. 

The Right Cure

Lawrence B. Lindsey, The Weekly Standard

Writing good policy is very much like seeing a skilled intern­ist. First, the doctor decides that you really are sick. Next, he determines exactly what's wrong. Only then does he choose an appropriate prescription. Too much of policymaking ignores these steps, opting instead to focus on what the public supposedly wants to hear, with a prescription tailored toward public relations. Fortunately, the tax plan prepared by House Republicans does not fit this mold and is exactly targeted at the economic ills that afflict our country.


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