ICYMI: Lower Corporate Tax Rates Mean More Hiring

America's CEOs know that it's critical for Congress to pass lasting, transformative tax reform that lowers corporate tax rates. A recent survey conducted by Business Roundtable highlighted on CNBC explains the pro-growth results of reform:

ICYMI: Voices Across America Make the Case for Transformative, Permanent Tax Reform

A variety of voices from around the nation continue to press the case for comprehensive tax reform that is game changing, permanent, and competitive. By overhauling the tax system to one that focuses on where a product is sold rather than where it is produced, we can end the broken system that favors imports over American-made products.

ICYMI: Holtz-Eakin Supports Comprehensive Reform in New Ad

ICYMI - International Business Times: Desperate note from Chinese 'sweatshop slave' found in purse bought in Walmart

Congress and the White House have an historic opportunity to deliver bold, comprehensive tax reform this year that is game-changing, permanent and competitive. Transformative tax reform will also level the playing field for American workers so their products can finally compete fairly with those made in sometimes questionable working conditions overseas.

ICYMI: Tax Experts Support Border Adjustment

As the debate over tax reform intensifies, the issue of border adjustability and its role in the comprehensive House tax reform blueprint remains a significant point of discussion. A border adjusted tax system helps allow the House blueprint to create more than 1.7 million new jobs, raise wages by nearly 8 percent, and put almost $4,600 into the pockets of American families.

ICYMI: Sixteen CEOs Voice Support for Tax Reform

Sixteen CEOs Representing Importers & Exporters Voice Support for Tax Reform

Yesterday, on CNBC's Squawk Box, reporter Ylan Mui discussed the open letter to Congress signed by American Made Coalition CEOs supporting the border adjustment tax. She reports:




ICYMI: President Trump on GOP Border Tax

Reuters published an exclusive interview with President Trump indicating support for border adjustment.
"It could lead to a lot more jobs in the United States," Trump told Reuters in an interview, using his most positive language to date on the proposal.

ICYMI: Politico Features Corrected AAP Fact Sheet

Yesterday, Politico's Morning Tax recently featured our corrections to a misleading “fact sheet” released earlier this week by opponents of comprehensive tax reform who are more interested in retaining the broken tax system that promotes foreign-made products and services over American jobs: 

ICYMI: Experts Support Border Adjustment

This week several authorities on the issues of tax, economic, and trade have all rallied behind border adjustment because it will grow American jobs and level the playing field for U.S. producers. Here are a few of the highlights from these experts: 

ICYMI: New Video Explains Border Adjustment

Politico Morning Tax featured our new video explaining how the House tax reform plan will take our country’s outdated tax code from one of the worst in the world, to one of the best. The video highlights a number of key points including that lots of other countries, though not Somalia, use a border adjustment and that critics employing "misleading sound bites" about what a border adjustment would do to retail prices, support a tax code that was fitting back in 1986.