Here go the retailers again...

Given the contingent of retailers in Washington today aggressively advocating against efforts to enact comprehensive tax reform, we wanted to provide you with rebuttals to what you’ve likely heard. Remember, comprehensive tax reform will help create new jobs and drive economic growth – and this is the year to get it done. Doing nothing, which is what the retail industry is advocating for, will result in status quo growth and nominal job creation. If interested in something on the record, feel free to fold this quote into stories today:

Correcting The Record: Tax Reform Opponents’ Data is “Baloney,” “Unsubstantiated”

Opponents of comprehensive tax reform are peddling new talking points about the impact of the House Blueprint on American families. However, policy analysts from across the political spectrum call these figures, “baloney” and “unsubstantial.”  Make sure you know the difference between fact, fiction, and credible analysis as this debate continues. 

Correcting the Record: Border Adjustment Replaces Corporate Taxes

In an article posted yesterday in Politico Pro, a few members of the Freedom Caucus were interviewed about their opinions on border adjustment and the House Blueprint. One response was concerning because it cited the fact that the Blueprint wouldn't get rid of corporate taxes as a reason not to pursue the plan. But that's not quite accurate. 

Correcting the Record: Food Prices Won't Increase With Border Adjustment

For months now, opponents of tax reform have been using the scare tactic of higher food prices to undermine support for the House Blueprint and ending the “Made in America” tax.  FactCheck.Org called some of these tactics “baloney” while back in January, Vox had to explain that "Donald Trump is not proposing to raise the price of your avocados in order to pay for a border wall." 

What You Didn't Hear from the Retailers Today...

Afternoon all, given the contingent of retailers in Washington today expressing opposition to the House tax reform blueprint, we wanted to provide you with rebuttals to what you’ve likely heard and a counter argument from the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), which just recently came out in support for the House blueprint and the border adjustment provision (more below).

Correcting the Record: Daily Caller

Earlier this week the Daily Caller published an op-ed calling border adjustment a "big-government accomplice," but the piece overlooks some critical components of the House tax reform plan that benefit American workers and grow jobs. 

Correcting the Record: Americans for Affordable Products Part II

We're correcting the record on Americans for Affordable Products again. 

Correcting the Record: Best Buy

Yesterday, on CNBC, current Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly expressed hesitation towards border adjustment; however, his predecessor at Best Buy has a different take. 

Correcting the Record: Taxpayers Protection Alliance

Earlier this week, Taxpayers Protection Alliance president David Williams published an op-ed in the Hill opposing the House tax reform blueprint. 

Yet just a few weeks ago, Williams signed on to a letter to its authors, Speaker Ryan and Chairman Brady, "in support of [their] efforts to pass pro-growth tax reform into law in 2017." The letter says: 

Correcting the Record: Veronique de Rugy Part III

This week, Mercatus economist Veronique de Rugy again argues in National Review Online against border adjustment, particularly the notion of leveling the playing field and eliminating higher taxes on American-produced goods than their foreign-made counterparts face.