American Made Coalition Launches First TV Spot

The American Made Coalition launched its first television ad yesterday during Meet the Press. The ad will saturate cable news channels including CNBC, FOX Business, FOX News, and MSNBC, running through April 9 in the D.C. metro area. It will also reach online audiences in targeted states. 

The spot, "Lights Out," is the next step in the American Made Coalition’s effort to reform the broken tax system and end the Made in America tax, which puts American manufacturing at a disadvantage in the global marketplace. The Coalition is working to modernize our outdated tax code and generate a favorable environment for American businesses and families, spur economic growth, incentivize U.S. job creation and level the playing field so American-made products can compete fairly with foreign-made products.


For years, lights have been turned out in American factories.

Lights that likely won't be turned on again. 

Because of old tax policies, our country has lost millions of American jobs.

Stop favoring foreign-made imports over American-made goods.

Support tax reform and create 1.7 million new American jobs.